Sculpture named "The Coccyx Giraffe"


Surrealist sculpture, inspired by the famous canvas "La giraffe en feu" by Salvadore Dali. Entirely made of metal, cut, shaped, hammered, assembled, polished, etc ... Some parts have been painted and the whole is covered with several layers of finish. Here is the text that accompanies this sculpture and that can help his understanding.

The coccyx giraffe
With one hand that stretches, grasps, takes, and the other that brakes, refuses, rejects. The coccyx giraffe, blinded by its own self-image, admires and tasted the preamble dishes of imperative images formulated by its blinkers of digital wave pollution. They control it's come and go, the trace, the chaperone for the power of the blur. So that his life rotates round, so that the wheels of train train of the daily plodding of the well-oiled. The relief of the thin skeleton, the referential model molds the inspirer of illusory such a false idol muzzled and sad. Thus domesticated, the upper middle class lets it rock through the monarchical crutches to the servitude of the contemporary autocratic fuehrer. Humanity at the bridle and bit in mouth, docile of fear. To mislead from its original identity concordant to the animal which loses its spots which becomes a cheetah neither biped nor nothing. Free from these drawers of Pandora, the very ones that contain her worst faults of anger, greed, envy, pride, her hours of gluttony laziness and lust consume everything empty and dry. So much so that she dries her heart out, this immaculate source of love for herself. This unconditional esteem that can turn everything around with hope that leads to the road of destiny. Hope and fate ... Hope and fate, only with love you can hope and fate.
-Ro Algonquin-

You can also copy the following link to see this 3-dimensional sculpture in a short video:

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