Robin Laverdure et Johanne Charest   Artistes Sculpteurs

Artistic Approach Robin

Work in progress, my artistic approach is focused on finding balance, positive and negative that surround me. I open my mind to the enigmatic vibrations of life to mold them into plastic, illusory and dreamlike forms.

The fantastic, imaginary and surreal world that leads me to bring my sculptures to life is synonymous with the fragility of the thread of life, an ephemeral symbol that rests between two heterogeneous tightrope walkers. This unreal combat that rests in each of us in a perfect balance.

The influence coming from artists such as Dali, Magritte or Munch, constituting the binder of my work, added to me qualifiers such as "surprising curiosities".

To give an emotional amplitude to the works and to communicate to the observers the frenzy of my dreams, I constantly search for new techniques and juxtapose new materials, which will serve as a medium and succeed in reflecting my subjection to the search for balance and communication of my passions.

My favorite medium is metal, mainly recycled, I appreciate the nuances of this material. Sometimes raw, polished or painted. I fashion it, hammer it, model it, curve it, assemble it and put color on it, thus ensuring to give it a distinctive aesthetic design in its stamp. It is important for me to compose a thought that will leave a message and allow everyone to understand my thoughts and see my inner cornerstone.

"The alter ego of balance, consisting of curiosity on one side and surprise on the other, resulting from the first smile ..." -Robin Laverdure

Artistic Approach Johanne

 Very young, I learned to read and became passionate about imaginary and fantastic literature. My brain absorbing these stories like a real sponge and wanting to experience them in authentic life. I stored up these tales and manifested them in my sculptures and thoughts. I have continually been a child in search of justice and true meaning in life. I did not follow or possess any guidelines that would guide me in any direction, I only had the influence of my free will.

I chose sculpture because it allows me the real and tangible expression of the perception of my universes. I seek the externalization of my thoughts, and also to convey as many messages as possible of the positivity of remaining in the world of the childhood of our hearts. I feel that children love without fear and without judgment. They act spontaneously and they constantly live in the joy of discovery. In search of the candor and wonder of a child's heart. The fantastic world of dreams and the boundless and barrier-free creative universe.

I am a self-taught and constantly evolving artist. I research and strive to continually improve my skills and allow the evolution of the mixture of materials, to give birth to works that come from my imaginary, mysterious, illusory, phantasmagorical, chimerical and enchanted worlds.

If through my works I can bring a heart to reminisce about childhood magic or allow a creative mind to awaken to immaterial worlds… I will have succeeded in reaching part of my artistic journey.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For if knowledge defines all that we currently know and understand, imagination refers to all that we may yet discover and create."-Albert Einstein-