Sculpture named "The Door of the Sun"


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This magnificent sculpture is called "The Door of the Sun". Each sculpture is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

The door of the sun
His eyes were bandaged and his hands tied, he walked slowly. Although in spite of himself, he was not allowed to advance without pitfalls. He often thought to turn back and give up but the strength that supported him allowed him not to sink into despair and to continue to move forward ... He could have gone straight but an inner feeling advised against taking this path ... Too easy, too fast, too straight ... he went to the stranger, decided to pave his own path. He faced his first fear; jealousy. Since he was listening, he could get around the first sword and continue on his way. Not far from there, a second sword appeared, that of criticism. He accepted this one, which was constructive and took note, then threw the rest into the fire. Arrived at the first step, he heard the name of the third sword, slandered ... he touched it with sadness and pursued his way with a heavy heart, time will heal this wound, he said to himself. Arrived on the threshold of the third step, he met a person who carried the fourth sword, it was that of a thief. Discouraged and amorphous, he felt violated from within, and even fell ill with a strange and disconcerting illness. He found the lesson very harsh, even thought of taking his own life ... Then he took himself in hand and continued his ascent to the fifth step. Always on the road of the unknown, he faced himself. Uncertainty and doubt were the name of the fifth sword. He reflected and remembered all the way to date. He remembered that the swords that had littered his way had made him a different person ... This learning was necessary for the future, but especially because he was on the right track. He then climbed to the seventh step, then swelled with pride to meet the sixth sword ... Arrogance and pretension. It acted like a balm on the wounds of the past, but blackened the heart of its wearer, many had kept this sword. It allowed the use of all others against others but also against even. It was better to leave it and continue on its way ... When approaching the tenth step, I met a person with a double-edged sword. He offered me a warm and amiable handshake, and another cold and moist. I noticed the stratagem and moved away from the bearer of the seventh sword, because the friend was hardly one ... On the twelfth step I deposited a sword which was the one that had served me well until present, but which was becoming too heavy to wear. His name was, egoism and narcissism. At that moment, I welcomed a lot of joys and sharing, because the idea sprouted of several, made open the portal of the sun. Altruism was the key!
 Algonquin Ro

This sculpture measures 21 "high by 13" wide and 12 "deep.

His weight is 15 pounds.

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